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7 Computer Skills You Must Have to Survive and Prosper in Today’s World

10 Feb , 2016  

Shaku Atre is an accomplished entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for helping women around the world develop skills to gain financial independence. Using her own money to finance micro-lending ventures, she has helped a number of young women to become successful entrepreneurs in the US and in India. She is a computer technologist who has worked with IBM, the FBI, AT&T, and many other prestigious organizations worldwide, and was a partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Equipped with a relentless drive to learn new skills, Atre achieved her goal of financial independence years ago. Now she wants to share her experience and expertise with other women. She and her associates have started a website, www.WorldWomanWarrior.com, dedicated to helping women to gain skills to make more money, founded on the premise that a person who doesn’t know how to use computer technology in today’s world is almost considered illiterate.

In order t7 steps amazon ebookso acquire lucrative jobs today, women have to learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, as well as medicine—also known as STEM skills. Our mission is to help women to take calculated risks so that they will have money to invest. To become financially independent, your money has to make more money.

Atre Group, Inc. publishes e-books that help women upgrade their skills and acquire lucrative jobs. 7 Computer Skills You Must Have to Survive & Prosper in Today’s World is the first in their “Computer Skills for Financial Independence” series, and is for anyone who has rudimentary knowledge of computers but is passionate to learn more. It provides readers with general knowledge of freeware technologies that are used by many organizations to reduce spending, and explains commonly used software that can be leveraged to increase personal productivity. Easy to follow and full of helpful tips, reading “7 Computer Skills You Must Have to Survive & Prosper in Today’s World” is the first step women can take to make themselves financially independent—forever.




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